I believe that what we are learning about the way our brains work is the most rewarding and important field of study there is. It is both intrinsically fascinating (I have yet to meet anyone with a pulse who isn’t intrigued by some aspect of it) and potentially of huge practical use.

Since writing “Mapping the Mind” in 1998 I have talked about brain function, consciousness and the physical basis of behaviour to a wide range of groups at seminars, conferences, and workshops in the UK and abroad (see below).

I am not an academic, and I do not use jargon or obscure scholarly terms. I am always very happy to tailor any presentation to the group and I am particularly adept at making the more complicated subjects (consciousness, for example) as accessible as is possible without dumbing them down.

I can deliver a formal lecture with appropriate audio-visual aids, handouts and references, or an informal talk which encourages audience participation. Or anything in between. Whatever the style, I try to include the very latest relevant research findings.

If you think you might like me to talk at your meeting, conference or seminar, please email me: info@ritacarter.co.uk

View some of the talks I have given about the brain

Exits and Entrances – where does life start and end?
Festival of Art and Mind, Winchester

Why Brains go wrong
Novartis 'Brain Failure' seminar, London

The Making of Happiness
Wellcome Trust 'Wellbeing in the 21st Century', London

From One Mind to Another – communication without words
AT&T Wireless creativity workshop, Washington State, USA

Architecture and the Brain
New College of Architecture, San Diego, USA

Brain research: how far should we go?
DANA centre discussion, London

In Defence of Evolutionary Psychology
Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art, London

The Impact of Art – how perceptions change the mind
Science Learning Centre, Institute of Education, London

Art and the Brain
British Association of Science Festival, Exeter

What the Hell is that? – abstract art as a mirror of neural processes
The Mattress Factory Forum, Pittsburgh USA

Interaction and Interconnection in the Human Brain
Co-occurring disorders Unit workshop, Anchorage, Alaska USA

Writing science (panel discussion with Richard Dawkins and John Gribbin)
Cheltenham Science Festival

What has biology to do with human nature?
Literature, Science and Human Nature seminar, ICA, London

Consciousness – how, what, and why?
Dartington Literary Festical

Exploring Consciousness
Cheltenham Literary Festival 2004

The Future of Brain Imaging
Institute of Psychiatry seminar, London

Imagination, Perception and Superstition
Institute of Cultural Research annual seminar, ICA London

Design by Neuron
American Institute of Architects symposium, Royal Society, London

I'm sorry but I can't help saying this: freewill is an illusion
The Great Debate series, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Newcastle

Exploring Consciousness
Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival

How the Brain Works
Science Museum lunchtime lecture, London

Physics and the Brain – measuring modelling, mimicking
Summer school, St Edmunds College, Oxford

Seeing How to See
Royal Society of Medicine seminar, London

Mapping the Mind
Public lecture, Science Museum, Barcelona

The Brain basis of learning
Head Teachers conference, Wakefield

The Leaning Brain
National school improvement seminar, Institute of Education, London

Mechanics of Mind
Edinburgh Science Festival

Personality - Nurture or Nature?
Royal Institution Forum

Ethical Implications of the new science of the brain
South Place Ethical Society, London

Mapping the Mind
Royal Institution evening lecture series

Mapping the Mind
Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival

Brain stimulation